Ok! So they are swinging from the fans?

Don't stress, help is at hand.

Effective behaviour management strategies are like grains of sand......There are heaps of them (they look the same, they feel the same, they sound the same).....but are they the same?

What works for me, may not work for you, what works for you today may not essentially work for you tomorrow, what works in one school may not work in another. However, there are a few essential behaviour management strategies that you should always have up your sleeve and with a little tweaking will work in most situations.

This website will not only provide you with the secret to these strategies but will also give you a few resources, examples and hints that you can carry with you from day to day, class to class and school to school.

ARA (Automatic Respect fo Authority)

What happened to the days where teachers were automatically respected by their students, parents and fellow community members? What happened to the days where students were eager to learn? (without constant rewards), and what happened to the days where parents thought the teacher was someone who actually was good enough to teach their child the ways of the world?

According to Peter Miles (2011), students don't have an automatic respect for authority in today's schools, the days where teachers (or anyone in authority for that matter) were automatically respected because....well, because they were THE TEACHER has long gone. We as teachers today, need to earn the respect of our students and gain their trust.This can be achieved in various ways and is discussed throughout this website.

I have adopted into my teaching, strategies as suggested by Dr Bill Rogers, Mark Davidson and Peter Miles. These gentlemen are all inspirational behaviour managers whose research and skills around managing students behaviour in and out of the classroom have set the standard for teachers.

Warning this website may contain humour, helpful hints and effective strategies...... 

 Image sourced with permission from StrangeCosmos.com

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