3 Strikes

Warning this page may contain references to sports...............

Red carded!.......Sin Bin!........3 Strikes!.........They all mean the same.........you're OUT!!!

 Using a system in your classroom that can work with all students is essential in effective behaviour management.

A system that I have implemented for negative behaviour is based on the soccer penalties system. I decided to try this as many of the boys in my class play soccer and I though it would be something they would connect with.

This is how it works...

Instead of giving verbal warnings or writing students names on the board, I use yellow and red laminated cards- see below. (These can be carried in your pocket, or placed in an easy to reach area of the classroom)

The cards have sticky dots on the back and if a student is deemed to be misbehaving, I simply walk quietly up to that student and place a yellow card on their desk. The sticky dots allow the card to stay in place and also stops the student from fiddling with it, (make sure you explain that the cards are NOT to be touched when first introducing the system). 

On the second warning another yellow card is placed next to the first. The student knows at this stage that they are on the 2nd warning and final warning, (this is a visual warning that is in their personal space). If the student continues to misbehave a red card is placed on the desk and the student knows that they instantly have detention at lunchtime.

This system seems to work and I don't even have to say anything. The student may groan or even begin to say something, simply walk away and ignore. If the behavious continues, then another warning is issued.

It is essential to ensure all students know the system and understand that I am not going to argue or yell at them, but I will be disappointed in their behaviour.

You could choose to remove cards, and start again after each session or at the end of each day.

 Image created by Julie Hanak

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