Warning this page contains a fantastic behaviour management incentive strategy........proceed if you care!

There are a gizillion incentive strategies that teachers in classrooms all over the world use. Whatever incentive you use, just remember it has to be exciting enough that the students will want to be involved.

The one that I have found most effective is the 100's number. This is an initiative of my mentor teacher whilst I was on prac (although I have refined it a tad).

This is how it works:-

  • I have numbers from 1-100 laminated and cut up in a container in the classroom. There are several lots of these.
  • Everytime I see a student doing good work, neat handwriting, is the first one organised,has helped another student, has practiced using the classroom rules,showed respect etc etc, I say them 'go and get a number'
  • The students collect these numbers over the week ( I gave them a plastic zip lock Elmo lunch bag to put them in-remember they are grade 4)
  • The last thing on a Friday afternoon, through the IWB I use my random number generator which has the numbers 1-100 in it.
  • I draw out 6 numbers.
  • Now, as there are multiples of the same number there may be several students with the same number but this is ok.
  • I have a 'lucky dip' bag which I simply made from a large gift bag (see instructions below) and filled it with cheap prizes from the $2 shops eg. pencils, rubbers, stamps, notebooks etc.
  • For every winning ticket a student has they get a pick of my bag.
  • For the students that didn't win a prize I usually have a sticker or depending on school policy a bag of lollies and as the students go home I give them one. This ensures no student leaves on a Friday feeling down.

The students love it as there are lots of chances to get prizes and the lucky dip is exciting.

Instructions on lucky dip bag

  1. Buy a cool coloured large gift bag
  2. Cut a hole (big enough for a students hand) in bag about 2/3 from the top
  3. Sticky tape a piece of paper or cardboard behind hole(stops students looking into the bag)
  4. Fill bag with goodies (not past the hole)
  5. Tape top of bag up
  6. Refill bag as necessary through hole.

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