What doesn't work?

WARNING the following strategies may cause undue stress, fear and anxiety........proceed with caution.. 

 There are many behaviour management strategies that you should avoid.

  • The following strategies, are often used by teachers to try and control students behaviour, often to no avail.





 raising your voice

 put downs

 physical force



 tense body language



 standing over (dominating)



 throwing a temper tantrum

 using sarcasm

 making comparisons with

siblings etc

 rewarding unacceptable behaviour

 saying "I'm the boss here"

 attacking students character


 insisting on having the last word



 making accusations






 insisting you are always right



  • These strategies will often only make your blood pressure rise and up your stress levels.
  • The situation will often progress from bad to worse, with nothing positive being achieved.
  • Students will often try and 'push your buttons'. By allowing them to see you becoming 'rattled' it will provide the power they need to push the situation further.
  • Arguing, talking back or attacking a student's character will only result in a yelling match, which will be likely to progress further with nothing positive achieved by either party. If you allow a situation to get to this stage, both parties will feel as though they can't back down as it would mean the other person wins. So who ends up being the boss?
  • Pleading, bribing, or rewarding unacceptable behaviour will allow the student to always have the upper hand in the classroom. They will know that by pushing your buttons, they will eventually get what they want.


This video( runs for approx. 13 mins) is a comical way to see some of the above strategies in action. It also shows the correct way to handle the same situation.

 How to maintain classroom discilpine sourced from www.youtube.com

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