The Plan

 Every classroom needs a behaviour management plan.

Why? So both you and your students understand what is expected and so you don't end up tearing your hair out.

My plan is heavily influenced by Dr Bill Rogers and his book Classroom Behaviour and his report on Making a Discipline Plan.

Dr Rogers states that "A discipline plan will enable us to keep the focus of our classroom leadership on our core business – teaching and learning, rather than on student behaviour itself." (Rogers, 2004)

Steps to a Classroom Behaviour Plan

  1. Know your students-Build relationships (names,likes, dislikes, homelife,friends, special needs, diversities)
  2. Have classroom rules-positive where possible ( maximum of 4)
  3. Consistency-Treat all students equally and with fairness
  4. Routines- keeping to routines will help your students understand how, when and what, they should be doing
  5. Have strategies in place for all situations-classroom, outdoors, excursions
  6. Have expectations and ensure your students know and understand these expectations.
  7. Be Human-don't be afraid to say sorry, back down and show some emotion.
  8. Humour-This goes a long way in managing students behaviour.


These steps will be discussed further throughout the website.


 Image stressed cat-sourced from iclipart under creative commons licence.

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