Outside the Classroom 

 Behaviour management strategies outside the classroom eg. when you are outside for games or on excursions, should be as in place as the ones you have inside the classroom.

If students think that just because they are outside the classroom then rules don't apply, you will have all sorts of behaviour issues.

There are a few simple things that you need to do:-

  1. Make sure students know your expectations before leaving the classroom.
  2. Ensure students know that the same rules apply outside the classroom as they do inside the classroom.
  3. Let students know what signals eg. whistle, you will use to gain their attention ( believe me you will want to make sure you have something that you can use- you will not want to be yelling to gain their attention)
  4. On excursions ensure students have a 'buddy', 'friend', 'partner' or whatever you want to call them. Explain to students that they are to look after their 'buddy' at all times and make sure that they are safe, respectful etc. This is handy especially if you are walking or using public transport as students will inform you quickly if their buddy has gone AWOL.
  5. Take a notebook with students' names already written down and record a tally mark against students who will need to receive incentive tickets when you get back into the classroom ( this way you don't have to remember who you have awarded tickets to).
  6. If a student is misbehaving whilst out and about, assign him to be your shadow ie. everywhere you go he goes, give him jobs to do eg. carry the first aid kit. This will hopefully keep him occupied and also gain your trust and help mend relationships.

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